5 Super green juices

Do you want a power packed kick butt variety of choices in juices without going to the juice bar? In...

Functional Exercises to Master

Whether you lift weights, garbage cans, babies or cars, that is a functional exercise. In the gym, s...

Two friends pursuing a shared Olympic dream

Swimmer Joyce Tafatatah left her family in Malawi, went to live in a very cold and snowy Netherlands...

Suns Nations Having the last Dance

The final hype for the Basketball National League (BNL) South Africa 2014 season went down this past...

  • 5 Super green juices

  • Functional Exercises to Master

  • Two friends pursuing a shared Olympic dream

  • Suns Nations Having the last Dance


Youth Fit Africa

5 Foods with more fibre

If you’ve been reading up on getting trim for summer, then definitely you’ve been hearing about fibre, fibre, fibre. Of course we all know that fibre helps keep you full for longer. Always indulging in the same foods to stack up the fibre (or any essential nutrient) can get boring. Here are five surprising foods that'll net you enough fibre to keep your stomach happy.


Suns Nations Having the last Dance

The final hype for the Basketball National League (BNL) South Africa 2014 season went down this past weekend at Wembley Sport Arena in Johannesburg. The 2013 defending champions Tshwane Suns faced off against the undefeated powerhouse Duzi Royals, and fans expected an intense battle for the 2014 title, and the teams delivered.


Ethiopia and Kenya dominate Gauteng Marathon

Hundreds of athletes from around Africa converged at Johannesburg Stadium this past weekend for the much anticipated Gauteng Marathon, featuring a 42.2KM, a 21.1KM and a 10KM run. Athletes from Ethiopia and Kenya fiercely dominated the long-distance events, though the 2nd place 42km spot went to the host nation’s home grown talent. This annual road running event is in its third year and boasts R1.4 million worth of prize money.


Action at women’s soccer tournament

It’s a well-known fact that women’s sports tend to get sidelined, when compared with their male peers. During the just concluded Women’s Month in South Africa, the country’s female’s athletes get a little extra attention to show off their skills. One such event was the 3rd instalment of the Gauteng Women’s Football Tournament finals in Tshwane, which brought out top women footballers to display their spectacular talents.


Rugby icon conducts coaching session

Recently England’s rugby icon Jonny Wilkinson spent an afternoon in a coaching session with the Jabulani Rugby Club at Wanders rugby stadium in Johannesburg. Over 20 excited 14 and 15-year old boys attended the session where they were able to hone their skills while also being inspired by the great athlete.


4 Common Squatting mistakes

Squatting targets the all-important leg and gluteal muscles – key muscle groups for lower body strength and a supertoned lower half. However, doing it incorrectly means missing out on the benefits. Here are common mistakes to make sure they aren't holding you back from getting the most out of the move.


4 DIY healthy salad dressings

Salads are every health conscious eater’s favourite. Yet bottled salad dressing can turn your healthy lunch or dinner into a creamy mess of unwanted calories. Youth Fit Africa has combined ways you can whip up easy to make vinaigrettes, with ingredients probably already in your pantry. Here are a few DIY dressings: 


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