Functional Exercises to Master

Whether you lift weights, garbage cans, babies or cars, that is a functional exercise. In the gym, s...

Suns Nations Having the last Dance

The final hype for the Basketball National League (BNL) South Africa 2014 season went down this past...

5 Super green juices

Do you want a power packed kick butt variety of choices in juices without going to the juice bar? In...

Two friends pursuing a shared Olympic dream

Swimmer Joyce Tafatatah left her family in Malawi, went to live in a very cold and snowy Netherlands...

  • Functional Exercises to Master

  • Suns Nations Having the last Dance

  • 5 Super green juices

  • Two friends pursuing a shared Olympic dream


Youth Fit Africa

Skim Milk Vs Full cream Milk.

The choice is up to you whether you prefer Skim or Whole Milk, but with recent revelations it has dawned on doctors and nutritionists that skim milk may not be the best choice for us after all. They further state that drinking whole milk actually improves cholesterol levels, just not as much as drinking skim does. Studies have also founded that drinking whole milk after lifting weights boosted muscle protein synthesis, an indicator of muscle growth, 2.8 times more than drinking skim did.


4-guilt-free treats

Indulging our sweet tooth is hard to resist, even when we are on a strict diet. One can’t help but be mesmerised by those decadent brownies and those mouth-watering death by chocolate exploding cupcakes sold at your favourite bakery. But worry not anymore, because there are guilt-free tasty treats to satisfy all your sweet treats cravings.


6 New Wacky exercise crazes

One thing you have to admire about humans is having a sense of humour and being inventive. We can reincarnate, reinvent, and blend trends in fashion, music and exercises. The fitness industry is constantly creating new trends and crazes to keep people interested in exercising. Here’s 6 wacky exercise crazes –that may or may not sweep the industry.


3 Yummy Low Carb Omelettes

Are there times when you either eat out or at home and you crave a scrumptious omelette? Like many people, you probably don’t indulge your craving from fear of packing on the pounds because of the extra bits that come with making an omelette. Fear not, because here are a few fat-burning omelettes for your summer tune-up. 


Vos and Drobisch win Cycle challenge

More than 34 000 cyclists young and old participated in the 18th annual Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge this past weekend in South Africa. The country’s second largest mass participation event (after Comrades) saw cyclists tackling the challenge and some raising funds for causes close to their hearts.


5 Easy on the go exercises

When you are constantly on the road, it’s difficult to find the strength to keep up with your exercise schedule, let alone get to the gym. Here are your 5 gym on the road exercises which can be spiced up by adding exercise bands, a medicine ball, a jump rope, and boxing gloves with pads. Try to mix up the workouts for variety, which will keep you mentally fresh, and also helps you physically respond better.


Bongani Vukeya: Boxing to the top


Women have come a long way in every aspect of society. But there is still far to go. Regardless of many structures put in place to ensure equality amongst the gender, women are still highly marginalised, including in the world of sport. Yet there are many women out there striving to make it in the world of sport. One of these is Bongani Vukeya, who is excelling in one of the most male dominated sports – boxing.


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