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4 healthy comfort foods

The weather is turning cold and for many of us, this means reaching for our comfort foods. What better way to chase away the winter blues? Unfortunately, our favourite meals often leave us feeling happy and guilty at the same time, for knowingly consuming so many calories. But fear not, here are few comfort foods that are less in calories, and healthy.


Get Fit - Nutrition

Palm Oil, healthier fat

Poly and mono unsaturated fats are daily essential fats the body needs to keep the anatomy functioning properly. Over the years we have heard about coconut oil, grape seed oil, and one of the most popular recommended fats over the years is extra virgin olive oil. What nutritionists and doctors forgot to inform us about is the popular African red palm oil, which contains carotene and is rich in Vitamin E.


Get Fit - Nutrition

5 Veggies To Keep You Fit

Africa can proudly say the continent grows many nutritious fruit and vegetables that can yield great health benefits for anyone who is health conscience and or simply loves their veggies. Looking at veggies popular among our fellow Africans, here are 5 that are great for weight watchers and fitness fans. Even better, most are available at your regular shopping outlet at reasonable prices.


Get Fit - Nutrition

4 Foods Before and After Workout

Timing is everything. Even the best foods can come back to haunt you mid-workout if not allowed to properly digest, and some foods can make you feel sluggish and not able to push. Likewise, what you eat after you workout will determine whether you are replenishing spent muscles, or just packing the calories back on. Here are for pre-workout and post- workout foods that will keep the nutrition side of your training in balance.


Get Fit - Nutrition

5 Healthy Desserts Substitutes

Are you watching your calories intake, but have a sweet tooth aching for that chocolate cake slice? There are ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding those kilograms to your waist line! When baking, you can use healthier substitutes to replace some of those fattening ingredients. 


Get Fit - Nutrition

Good News About Chocolate

Many of us avoid eating chocolate because it’s usually considered unhealthy, and of course it’s high in fat. Chocolate lovers will be happy to know that in recent years chocolate has risen to the front line as one of the delicious foods that could help your cardiovascular health. Of course, too much chocolate is not good for you (or your waistline), but research shows that chocolate has been found to be good for the heart, and is believed to help protect your cardiovascular system. The reason? The cocoa bean is rich in a class of plant nutrients called flavonoids.


Get Fit - Nutrition

5 Morning Craving Fighters

Have you ever found that you are hungry 2 hours after you just had breakfast? Then you find yourself snacking unhealthily to stop these cravings? This may be because of what you are eating; unprocessed cereals, flavoured yogurt, pastries and baked goods are all examples of unhealthy breakfast foods. Changing the foods you eat in the morning can help you to keep fuller. Here are a couple of foods that can help keep the cravings away throughout the morning in a healthy way.


Get Fit - Nutrition

Dieting, no quick fixes

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the diet plan you are about to go on, BEFORE you get started? Is it both healthy and satisfying? Often enough these aren’t the first questions that we ask. We are constantly surrounded by advertisements of “quick fix” and fad diets that involve expensive detoxification pills and/or “starvation” diet plans, which advertise fast weight loss in a few weeks. However, what you may not know is that these are actually very unhealthy for you and actually make you put on weight instead of loss it.


Get Fit - Nutrition

4 Bad Eating Habits to Watch Out For

What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat and what we do while we eat is determined by our eating habits. They are an important and automatic part of our daily lives that influence our diet - meaning that if you want to change your nutrition you’ll have to change your habits. Here are 4 bad eating habits to watch out for. Be honest - how many do you do as a habit?

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