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25 Healthy Snack Ideas


It’s difficult to keep away from snacking between meals throughout the day, but the good news is the right kind of snacking can actually be the best way to keep the cravings away, rev up your energy, and keep your metabolism moving. Preferably, your snacks should be something that offers a complex carbohydrate and a source of protein to keep you feeling sustained throughout the day.


Get Fit - Nutrition

Skim Milk Vs Full cream Milk.

The choice is up to you whether you prefer Skim or Whole Milk, but with recent revelations it has dawned on doctors and nutritionists that skim milk may not be the best choice for us after all. They further state that drinking whole milk actually improves cholesterol levels, just not as much as drinking skim does. Studies have also founded that drinking whole milk after lifting weights boosted muscle protein synthesis, an indicator of muscle growth, 2.8 times more than drinking skim did.


Get Fit - Nutrition

3 Yummy Low Carb Omelettes

Are there times when you either eat out or at home and you crave a scrumptious omelette? Like many people, you probably don’t indulge your craving from fear of packing on the pounds because of the extra bits that come with making an omelette. Fear not, because here are a few fat-burning omelettes for your summer tune-up.


Get Fit - Nutrition

9 Veggies to ward off spring allergies

Spring has sprung! It’s getting nice and hot, and you’re breaking out the warm weather gear. What’s not so nice is how all those pretty flowers and growing trees crank up your allergies. Fear not, here are nine nutritional powerhouse, spring vegetables that will provide the highest levels of vitamin K,and iron, to name a few, that ward off allergies.


Get Fit - Nutrition

Flu-fighting healthy Smoothies

Are you looking for an immune boosting smoothie that will not pack on the pounds? Try these 4 smoothie suggestions that are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Not only do these smoothies taste delicious but they’ll help boost your immune system to beat that pesky flu.


Get Fit - Nutrition

3 Healthy Salad Ideas

Are you tired of the same old salad, bland and unappetising? So are we. Try these 3 fresh, exciting, mouth-watering and healthy salad recipes.


Get Fit - Nutrition

8 Brain health foods

So its nearing the end of the year, a nail-biting time of exams and rushing to finish the year’s workload deadlines. Developing good eating habit is not only beneficial to your physical health, but your brain health as well. Your brain, like your heart, lungs or muscles, needs good food. Stock-up on this 8 healthy choicest keep your brain in top shape.


Get Fit - Nutrition

5 Foods with more fibre

If you’ve been reading up on getting trim for summer, then definitely you’ve been hearing about fibre, fibre, fibre. Of course we all know that fibre helps keep you full for longer. Always indulging in the same foods to stack up the fibre (or any essential nutrient) can get boring. Here are five surprising foods that'll net you enough fibre to keep your stomach happy.


Get Fit - Nutrition

4 DIY healthy salad dressings

Salads are every health conscious eater’s favourite. Yet bottled salad dressing can turn your healthy lunch or dinner into a creamy mess of unwanted calories. Youth Fit Africa has combined ways you can whip up easy to make vinaigrettes, with ingredients probably already in your pantry. Here are a few DIY dressings: 

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