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Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Exercises for your body type

Hardly anyone is graced with a perfect body type and naturally perfect muscle structure, but with the right exercise and nutrition plan you can achieve that. Before starting your training and nutrition regimen, it is always a great idea to acknowledge your body type. By knowing your body type it will help you to better tailor your diet and exercise plan and set realistic, attainable goals.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

5 ways to a hotter butt

Ok, we know you have mastered the right way of doing squats, you even have the correct gear, but doing the same thing will prove to be boring. So for a jazzed up gravity-defying backside, we at Youth Fit Africa have found relatively new exercises that tone every inch of your tooch. These 4 moves will target all the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings to give you a fitter, firmer butt.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Yoga for sport enthusiasts

Being involved in any kind of sports is always a good thing, whether it’s for recreational or competitive purposes. But one thing we never enjoy is the after effects of all the repetitive motions and pushing muscles to their max. If you want to curb the stiff muscles, and soreness keeping you from working at your full potential, it’s about time to put your competitive streak aside and get a little Zen.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Avoiding injuries for newbie runners

Whether you’re taking up running for a fitter summertime look, or you’re still determined to keep that New Year’s resolution to run your first 10k, with summer just around the corner it’s no time to take chances with injuries that may keep you stuck on your sofa and missing all the fitness fun. As a first time runner, you’re probably discovering the mad benefits, and adrenalin rush, from persistently hitting the road. But what a bummer unexpected injuries are. Here are ways to keep injuries at bay:


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

4 Common Squatting mistakes

Squatting targets the all-important leg and gluteal muscles – key muscle groups for lower body strength and a supertoned lower half. However, doing it incorrectly means missing out on the benefits. Here are common mistakes to make sure they aren't holding you back from getting the most out of the move.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Functional Exercises to Master

Whether you lift weights, garbage cans, babies or cars, that is a functional exercise. In the gym, some exercises target our functional muscles, building them up so that we can perform everyday actions or sports techniques well. These exercises help to build overall strength and balance, and augments your resistance to injury.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Tone abs without crunches

Feeling bored with your usual sit-up routine? Want a core strengthening exercise without your usual time consuming, uninteresting and tiring crunches? Here are 4 fun and effective moves to mix up your workout and tone your midsection!


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

5 ways to get bikini ready

Ok, we know its cold out there, but summer will be here before you know it. The time is now to start exercising if you want to be beach, pool, and bikini ready when the warm weather hits. Here are a few lifestyle and exercise habits to to give you a head start for the hot season.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Basic Offensive Systems

Basketball is like a game of chess. In order to beat an opponent, a coach must develop strategies and tactics to out-manoeuvre his/her opposition. The best teams and coaches know exactly what they will be doing on every possession during a game. A team of coaches and players who understand and can implement their offensive systems will have a major advantage over a team who is unorganised and just plays “run and gun” where no one on the team knows what his/her team mate is going to do, let alone what the coach will say/do.

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