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Get Fit - Fitness Tips


For an all new electrifying and exciting way of keeping fit while busting moves that will get you sweating, Sh’bam has hit our shores and is taking the nation by storm. Scoot aside other dance exercises, this class is vibrant, unique and varied with seriously hot dance moves. SH'BAM is a 45-minute program, with new music and choreography every three months.SH'BAM is the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise, set to a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits - dance music heard in the hottest nightclubs around the world, familiar classics remixed, and modernized Latin beats. According to Les Mills’s website this is what you should expect at a SH’BAM class.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Inventive dumbbell tone-ups

Dumbbells are not only useful in just bicep curls and overhead presses. This versatile piece of training equipment realistically makes your arms look amazing. Would you like to explore its various uses and get the very best from them? Try a few of these moves. Do all reps, then switch arms and repeat.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

4 exercises to target problem areas

Most people can relate to the issue of the unwanted jiggle - be it ab flab, bra bulge, or thigh jiggle, you name it, they are all problems. Before starting any new exercise plan you should consult with a professional to help get an objective review of your current body type. Once that is out of the way in terms of which parts need the most work, be sure to choose strength training exercises that focus specifically on these areas. Try these moves to target common problem areas.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Moves for heel lovers

We all know the long-term (and even sometimes painful short term) effects of wearing heels all day long. If you are one of those people who can’t stay away from these leg accentuating works of art which turn a couple of heads, here is a list of stretching, massaging, and strengthening moves that will keep your legs feeling as good as they look. 


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

Upper body strength for beginners

Have you ever wondered what people with great upper body strength do to maintain those toned triceps, biceps and amazing chest muscles? Well stop wondering, here are a few exercises recommended for that beginner?


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

4-guilt-free treats

Indulging our sweet tooth is hard to resist, even when we are on a strict diet. One can’t help but be mesmerised by those decadent brownies and those mouth-watering death by chocolate exploding cupcakes sold at your favourite bakery. But worry not anymore, because there are guilt-free tasty treats to satisfy all your sweet treats cravings.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

6 New Wacky exercise crazes

One thing you have to admire about humans is having a sense of humour and being inventive. We can reincarnate, reinvent, and blend trends in fashion, music and exercises. The fitness industry is constantly creating new trends and crazes to keep people interested in exercising. Here’s 6 wacky exercise crazes –that may or may not sweep the industry.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

5 Easy on the go exercises

When you are constantly on the road, it’s difficult to find the strength to keep up with your exercise schedule, let alone get to the gym. Here are your 5 gym on the road exercises which can be spiced up by adding exercise bands, a medicine ball, a jump rope, and boxing gloves with pads. Try to mix up the workouts for variety, which will keep you mentally fresh, and also helps you physically respond better.


Get Fit - Fitness Tips

5 side sculpting exercises

A toned and sexy body is what we all want, but we tend to forget that your obliques, hips, and thighs are a big part of what determines your body's shape. Working them creates an all-around definition and gives you a great lift. Neglecting to exercise your side muscles not only prevents you from that great shape, but it’s also causes a great deal of muscle imbalance. Here’s how you can ensure you target this all important muscle group.

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