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3 Healthy Salad Ideas

Are you tired of the same old salad, bland and unappetising? So are we. Try these 3 fresh, exciting, mouth-watering and healthy salad recipes.


Fitness Tips

Exercises for your body type

Hardly anyone is graced with a perfect body type and naturally perfect muscle structure, but with the right exercise and nutrition plan you can achieve that. Before starting your training and nutrition regimen, it is always a great idea to acknowledge your body type. By knowing your body type it will help you to better tailor your diet and exercise plan and set realistic, attainable goals.


My Story

Running my first marathon

More than any other fitness or sporting activity, running is what I enjoy most. It’s very good for your health, and provides a great workout, strengthening and toning your muscles. I believe most importantly, running is a good way to lose weight and generally get fitter.



Readers Fitness

Swimming on top

Never in my entire life had i thought of myself as part swimming.


Fitness Tips

5 ways to a hotter butt

Ok, we know you have mastered the right way of doing squats, you even have the correct gear, but doing the same thing will prove to be boring. So for a jazzed up gravity-defying backside, we at Youth Fit Africa have found relatively new exercises that tone every inch of your tooch. These 4 moves will target all the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings to give you a fitter, firmer butt.



8 Brain health foods

So its nearing the end of the year, a nail-biting time of exams and rushing to finish the year’s workload deadlines. Developing good eating habit is not only beneficial to your physical health, but your brain health as well. Your brain, like your heart, lungs or muscles, needs good food. Stock-up on this 8 healthy choicest keep your brain in top shape.

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