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Fitness Tips

Moves for heel lovers

We all know the long-term (and even sometimes painful short term) effects of wearing heels all day long. If you are one of those people who can’t stay away from these leg accentuating works of art which turn a couple of heads, here is a list of stretching, massaging, and strengthening moves that will keep your legs feeling as good as they look. 



25 Healthy Snack Ideas


It’s difficult to keep away from snacking between meals throughout the day, but the good news is the right kind of snacking can actually be the best way to keep the cravings away, rev up your energy, and keep your metabolism moving. Preferably, your snacks should be something that offers a complex carbohydrate and a source of protein to keep you feeling sustained throughout the day.


My Story

Running my first marathon

More than any other fitness or sporting activity, running is what I enjoy most. It’s very good for your health, and provides a great workout, strengthening and toning your muscles. I believe most importantly, running is a good way to lose weight and generally get fitter.



Readers Fitness

Swimming on top

Never in my entire life had i thought of myself as part swimming.


Fitness Tips

Upper body strength for beginners

Have you ever wondered what people with great upper body strength do to maintain those toned triceps, biceps and amazing chest muscles? Well stop wondering, here are a few exercises recommended for that beginner?



Skim Milk Vs Full cream Milk.

The choice is up to you whether you prefer Skim or Whole Milk, but with recent revelations it has dawned on doctors and nutritionists that skim milk may not be the best choice for us after all. They further state that drinking whole milk actually improves cholesterol levels, just not as much as drinking skim does. Studies have also founded that drinking whole milk after lifting weights boosted muscle protein synthesis, an indicator of muscle growth, 2.8 times more than drinking skim did.

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