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Healthy eating at a glance

Do you find that you have packed on more weight since the holidays? Having a hard time getting started with your healthy New Year’s resolutions? This time of the year has always proved to be a huge challenge for most of us. Fear not has great ideas on healthy eating to improve your lifestyle for keeps, all laid out in a series of easy to reference illustrated diagrams.


Fitness Tips

Inventive dumbbell tone-ups

Dumbbells are not only useful in just bicep curls and overhead presses. This versatile piece of training equipment realistically makes your arms look amazing. Would you like to explore its various uses and get the very best from them? Try a few of these moves. Do all reps, then switch arms and repeat.


My Story

Running my first marathon

More than any other fitness or sporting activity, running is what I enjoy most. It’s very good for your health, and provides a great workout, strengthening and toning your muscles. I believe most importantly, running is a good way to lose weight and generally get fitter.



Readers Fitness

Swimming on top

Never in my entire life had i thought of myself as part swimming.



Reduce salt in your diet

Hence we are  a nation(not to point fingers at anyone)that is bit more liberal than many when it comes to salt, this puts many of us at higher risk of strokes and heart disease. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, if we decrease our salt intake to 5 grams per day, we reduce our risk of heart disease by up to 80%. This means decreasing our salt intake in foods such as bread, margarine, butter, stock cubes, soup powders, flavourings, spices, breakfast cereals and convenient snacks that are all big culprits.


Fitness Tips

4 exercises to target problem areas

Most people can relate to the issue of the unwanted jiggle - be it ab flab, bra bulge, or thigh jiggle, you name it, they are all problems. Before starting any new exercise plan you should consult with a professional to help get an objective review of your current body type. Once that is out of the way in terms of which parts need the most work, be sure to choose strength training exercises that focus specifically on these areas. Try these moves to target common problem areas.

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