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Fitness Tips

Tone abs without crunches

Feeling bored with your usual sit-up routine? Want a core strengthening exercise without your usual time consuming, uninteresting and tiring crunches? Here are 4 fun and effective moves to mix up your workout and tone your midsection!


5 Healthy braai choices

Braai, barbecue, tshisa nyama, there’s nothing better on a sunny weekend than a good braai with friends and family. Unfortunately, we tend to go a tad overboard when it comes to the amount of unhealthy yummy bits we consume. Done right a braai can actually be super healthy. There are plenty of awesome healthy dishes to choose from. Her are 5 creative dishes to impress your family and friends with.


My Story

Running my first marathon

More than any other fitness or sporting activity, running is what I enjoy most. It’s very good for your health, and provides a great workout, strengthening and toning your muscles. I believe most importantly, running is a good way to lose weight and generally get fitter.



Readers Fitness

Swimming on top

Never in my entire life had i thought of myself as part swimming.


Fitness Tips

5 ways to get bikini ready

Ok, we know its cold out there, but summer will be here before you know it. The time is now to start exercising if you want to be beach, pool, and bikini ready when the warm weather hits. Here are a few lifestyle and exercise habits to to give you a head start for the hot season.



Foods to stock up this cold month

Health, nutrition and the cold weather season are not the best of friends. Along with the cold weather often comes the added bulge. Less exercise, a tendency hide under the blankets, and turning to unhealthy foods for cold weather comfort are all problems. Of course, healthy eating should be yearlong. Here are 6 foods to stock up your fridge with and have around the house, to keep you healthy this winter.

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